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About LINC

About LINC Wealth Advisers

LINC Wealth Advisers is a team of professionals delivering tailor-made financial advisory solutions for Singapore residents, including foreigners and expats. Combining a personalized approach with our collective experience in the design, execution and review of personal and corporate financial advisory services, we strive to build long-term meaningful relationships with our clients.

As citizens of the world and residents of Singapore ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to understand and empathize with your situation and financial goals.

Expert financial advice is the key to unlocking your best financial future. Get in touch today, and let’s start realizing your aspirations.

LINC Wealth Advisers is a branch of Synergy Financial Advisers, a passionate group of intelligent and forward-looking financial advisers in Singapore with an eye on the markets and the future. We are known as a trusted financial advisory firm in the region that provides winning solutions for clients.

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Our Services

Our Services


Investment Portfolios

We start by reviewing your situation and goals to create an investment strategy that meets your current and future needs.


Retirement Planning

Whether you’re planning to retire in Singapore or elsewhere, we will help you to achieve your priorities and your desired lifestyle in retirement.


Education Planning

Education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your children (and grandchildren), and we can help you plan how to pay for it.


Health Insurance

We will find the best private health plan for you, your family or your employees, with the cover you need.


Life Insurance

Protect your family and ensure continued financial stability in the event of the unexpected.


Mortgage Financing for expats in Singapore

Get the best loan financing for your property, whether for new purchase of refinancing of an existing mortgage.



Rainer Ackbari

Originally from San Francisco, California, Rainer lived in Germany for 13 years before moving to Singapore in 2005. After a career in corporate banking, he moved into private wealth and risk management and launched Linc Wealth Advisers in 2020. Rainer lives with his wife and children and enjoys cycling, skiing and traveling. Rainer also speaks fluent German.
RNF Licence No. RAX100068817


Joanne Ongkeko

Joanne moved from the Philippines to Singapore over 14 years ago. She previously worked at Prudential, before joining the team at IEM. She also dabbles in Digital Marketing, which she uses to spread awareness on the importance of proper health coverage. She enjoys walking, playing the ukulele, and acting in her spare time.
RNF Licence No. OJG300366870


Umar Yosof

Umar is a seasoned financial advisor and an MDRT achiever with a robust background in financial planning, investment, and estate management. With extensive experience guiding corporate professionals, individuals, and business owners, he crafts customized strategies for wealth accumulation and retirement planning. Umar's approach simplifies complex financial concepts, empowering his clients to achieve financial stability and growth amidst market fluctuations.
RNF Licence No. MUB300099834

Aisha Malimar

A management graduate of Australia’s Murdoch University, as Office Manager, Aisha supports the team in all administrative matters as well as PA, HR and back office functions. Outside of work, Aisha loves the outdoors, nature and photography.

Aisha Picture Linc Wealth Advisers.png

Farhan Samsudin

A financial planner and consultant in wealth management for over a decade, having gone through the full circle of being in a tied-agency, an Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) firm and an FA firm. Farhan provides a holistic approach to financial planning and wealth management advisory, in serving the needs and concerns of his clients, as well as specialising in financial and estate planning for Muslims. 
RNF Licence No. MFB300046128

Farhan Samsudin - Copy (3).jpeg

Syahilah Rahmad

Previously from the healthcare industry, Syahilah received her honors degree from Aston University in Medical Bioscience, and a diploma in Islamic Law (Syariah Islam) from University of Melaka. As a financial planner, Syahilah is passionate in ensuring every solution is tailored following a thorough consideration of her clients' needs and concerns. She enjoys the nature, baking, and leisure sports.
RNF Licence No. NSB300567810

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LINC Brands
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